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City of San Nazzaro

We publish the speech of Mayor Giovanni Manganiello

Free hotspots have also been activated in this city, which has joined the WiFi Italia Project.

“A small town in Mediocalore, San Nazzaro is a border point between the provinces of Benevento and Avellino. With only 2.04 km² of extension it is among the least extensive centers in Campania. From an institutional point of view, from 29 February 1808 and until 8 August 1949 it was called "San Nazzaro Calvi" until 08 August 1949, then the change of name to "Calvi San Nazzaro" which remained in force until 18 March 1958, when the town was divided into the "Municipality of Calvi" and the "Municipality of San Nazzaro" with the Fanfani Decree.

Historically, the finds of fossil shells dating back to several tens of millions of years ago, an amphora from the Samnite or Roman era, the Castle and the stone Cross both from the Middle Ages, the Churches and the ancient buildings allow us to state that San Nazzaro developed coinciding with the characteristic settlements of the civilization of Irpinia” .