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Municipality of Carfizzi

We publish intervention' s Mayor Mario Antonio Amato

Free hotspots have also been activated in this Municipality, which has joined the WiFi Italia Project.

“We have joined with conviction in the creation of the public and free Wifi Italia network; Carfizzi is a small town in Crotone hinterland, 20 km from the Ionian coast and 50 km from the Sila plateau. It is positioned on a splendid hill at 450 m. above sea level and enjoys an enchanting panoramic view. It is a country with Albanian origin that still preserves its language and traditions very well. Anyone who has visited Carfizzi does not forget the walks through the streets and alleys of the town.

Near the central square (Rahji), a point of reference for every moment of social life, is Largo Skanderbeg, the "living room" of long summer evenings and from which one can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view. Going along the main street, via Roma, you arrive at the Villa Comunale where the Municipal Amphitheater is located, capable of holding 1,000 spectators. The recently established Montagnella Park protects and enhances one of the most complete examples of Mediterranean maquis in the immediate hinterland of Southern Italy”.