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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The account must be registered to the signatory of the Convention.
The account can be regenerated in case of an "account error".
The procedure can be performed only on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Edge
If a municipality is not included in the list, it is first necessary to check whether it is among the aggregate municipalities.
In this case, each Municipality will have to perform the registration individually and enter the tax code relating to the person in charge of the signature. The single delegate can’t sign more than one convention.
If a single Municipality is not present in the list, you will have to request the insertion by sending a communication via email to
All municipalities can participate regardless of the number of inhabitants.
You can reset the password by re-entering the login. The new password will be sent to the indicated PEC.
The areas of interest must be identified and chosen by the Municipality.
The number of Access Points is determined based on the population of the Municipality.
Typical the needed connectivity is 30MB with a guaranteed bandwidth of 1MB for each Spot.
The Executive or person delegated by the Mayor of the Municipality provides for the signing of the Convention by digital signature.
The survey process starts only after the signing of the Convention.
After registration, identification of the areas of interest within the Municipality and the consequent signing of the Convention, the Municipality will be contacted by Infratel's technical staff for the on-site survey.
Yes, the spots will be installed on areas other than those covered by Wifi4EU.