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From the Territories 19 Jul 22

Municipality of Cittareale

We publish the speech by Francesco Nelli, Mayor of Cittareale, in Lazio, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

The Lazio municipality of Cittareale borders two regions: Umbria to the north and Abruzzo to the south. Monte Pozzoni (from whose slopes the Velino river rises), Monte Rota, Colle Capoduro, Monte Caciaro, Forca di Fao, Monte Arcioni, Monte la Speluca, peaks - belonging to the Rieti mountains - fall within the municipal territory. reaching 1800 meters in height. The territory is crossed by numerous networks of paths, including the Italian Alpine Club's Path.

The Municipality is located in the Falacrina Valley; near the ancient Vicus Phalacrinae (lat. bald), a village where in the year 9 A.D. Tito Flavio Vespasiano was born, Roman emperor and father of two sons who were also emperors, Titus and Domitian. The richness of our history is evidenced by finds from prehistoric times, and then by vestiges of the pre-Roman, then Roman and medieval ages.

The Rocca di Cittareale, also known as "Rocca di Re Manfredi", is a military architectural work that dates back to the Swabian era of Emperor Frederick II (1200), built with the aim of strengthening the farthest borders of the kingdom: it is a of the main historical testimonies in the area.

The Wifi Italia project is an opportunity for us to provide a useful service to citizens but also to tourists who come to the area, thus enhancing the combination of history, art and nature.