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From the Territories 19 Jan 21

Municipality of Barbona

We publish the speech by Francesco Peotta, Mayor of Barbona, in Veneto, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italia Project.

Barbona is a small town in the province of Padua located in the so-called "lower Padovana" in Veneto which extends for about 8.6 square kilometers along the left bank of the Adige river.

Made up of 620 inhabitants, called "barbonesi", it is known for the presence of an interesting historical monument: the remains of an ancient hydraulic construction built by the Venetian Republic in the fourteenth century. This work, adjacent to the majestic Villa Rezzonico, is located in the Rotta Sabadina area, so called because in 1513 the Venetian army would have caused a break in the river precisely to avoid a possible invasion by the French imperial army.

Among other attractions, for lovers of art and architecture, there is certainly the quaint old town, where you can see the barchessa of Villa Morosini, a typical architectural construction that is used as a hay and wheat shelter.

Furthermore, the small parish church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel is relevant, containing frescoes that are nothing short of suggestive. In 1732 he became the guardian of the relics of San Giustino, assigned to him by Pope Clement XII. This gave it considerable prestige in both secular and ecclesiastical tourism.

Finally, an element of particular naturalistic interest are the "Boj" or "Fontanazzi": naturally formed underground channels which, due to the pressure of the river water, resurface in the ground forming small lakes, surrounded by scrubland.

Today Barbona can be reached thanks to the efficient public transport system that connects it mainly to the nearby cities of Padua and Rovigo.

It is worth spending an afternoon to discover the reality of one of the smallest Venetian municipalities, which has adhered with conviction to the opportunity to be part of the public and free network created by the "Piazza Wifi Italia" project.