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From the Territories 12 Nov 20

Municipality of Bolognetta

We publish the speech by Gaetano Grassadonia, mayor of Bolognetta, in Sicilia, where the free hotspots have been activated and in addition to the Municipalities that have joined the WiFi Italy Project.

"I would like to sincerely thank Infratel Italia and the Ministry of Economic Development for the important initiative implemented on the national territory" Piazza WiFi Italia ". For a Municipality of 4,200 inhabitants, with few financial resources available, having joined this project as well as others carried out by my Administration, helps us to project Bolognetta more and more towards digitization. The 6 hotspots that will be installed create a network studied in detail in order to improve the aggregation of young people in the most popular areas of the country, thus avoiding marginalization or moving to places less controlled and more exposed to possible risks. In addition, the 6 places identified in some cases, create the perfect setting for urban redevelopment interventions such as the important project of national importance, called "Museum of Taste" which sees a property confiscated from the mafia, the Monachelli Palace, transformed into a school of excellent cuisine for young people at risk of deviance. In front of the Museo del Gusto, the urban redevelopment of the largest square in Bolognetta will also take place shortly, which is why we have chosen to install 2 of the 6 hotspots. The Town Hall also overlooks this square, which will soon be energetically redeveloped. "

The Bolognetta area (formerly Santa Maria dell’Ogliastro) is mainly hilly, the town has an average height of 330 meters. Mount Casachella with its 786 meters is the highest mountain. The territory is crossed by the Milicia river, which originates in the Ficuzza Wood and flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea. The town of Bolognetta is divided into several districts, some of which formed starting from 1980.

The economy of the area is mainly based on food and wine, Bolognetta in fact is a reference point for good food throughout the Province of Palermo, also thanks to the presence of international Chefs twice Michelin star and nationally renowned pastry chefs, the Administration Comunale has decided to name Bolognetta "Country of Taste".