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The Project

"WiFi Italia" is a Ministry of Companies and Made in Italy project that aims to allow all citizens to connect, simply and free of charge through a dedicated App, to a free wifi network spread throughout the national territory. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOUT THE PROJECT

Network development works were assigned to Infratel Italia and are made by TIM: for small Municipalities within the Consip LAN agreement and for Municipalities over 2000 inhabitants to be awarded the tender. See all data, updated weekly. The project, from March 2020, has been extended to health and hospital facilities where it is expected to install 5,000 free hot spots. See WiFi ITALIA IN HOSPITALS

The Project

1814 municipalitiese and hospitals ( including hospitals, farms, schools, special projects) whit installed hotspot. The first interventions involve the 138 municipalities affected by the earthquake of 2016 in Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche, Umbria, the small municipalities with a population of less than 2,000 inhabitants and progressively all the Italian municipalities. All activities are carried out in agreement with the local administrations.

The creation of the new free wifi areas is made possible by the Ministry's 45 million euro funding, which extends the availability of the initial 8 million.

Municipalities can request wifi points directly online, by registering on the web platform, even the Anci adheres to WiFi Italia promoting the project and the participation methods among its members.

The citizen can access the wifi points network on the national territory, both existing and future, free of charge by downloading the WiFi Italia App which, in addition to the Municipalities, can also be joined by other public bodies and institutions.

By downloading the App you can have a single and simple system of access to public networks already federated, with the automatic connection to all points of the Wifi.Italia network..

Find out the advantages of being part of WiFi Italia